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Whirlpool’s endeavor to invest 1 billion dollars in the U.S. continued with the construction of a state-of-the-art facility in

Cleveland, TN. This facility replaces a 123-year-old plant the company was previously occupying.


When executing new construction, Whirlpool often conducts Field Quality Assurance (FQA) performed during a recent $85 million project in Benton Harbor, MI. This project, however, was even larger, at nearly 1.5 million square feet. This extensive project Called for Field Quality Control (FQC), which includes full time project oversite.


Whirlpool contracted StructureTec to provide FQC throughout the construction process. During the beginning stages, StructureTec’s Roofing Division analyzed all of the construction documents, specifications, and drawings.


Upon reviewing all construction documents StructureTec made multiple recommendations. Flashings over the termination bar were recommended, as were alternative flashing techniques at the gutters. The existing systems met the manufacturers’ minimum requirements, but they did not meet the high standards of a Whirlpool facility. Also, StructureTec found the installation of the insulation was not properly specified, which, if gone unnoticed, would have voided insurance coverage on the building’s roof.


During construction, a StructureTec representative was on site every day to oversee the work. StructureTec faced many obstacles while on site, one of which was faulty materials. When StructureTec realized that the roof membrane would not weld properly, installation was stopped. The manufacturer was requested to investigate the issue first hand. Upon reviewing the process of installation, the manufacturer replaced all of the faulty materials and expedited the shipment of a new membrane. Without FQC this problem may have led to weld failure over 10,000 square feet of the plant, damaging the roof and inventory inside the plant.


Another issue that was encountered during construction was the need to account for new penetrations. The StructureTec team developed flashing details quickly to assure the integrity of the roof system. The quality of this project was of the highest importance for Whirlpool, and that is what they received due to FQC. One indication of the quality was the relatively short punch list. Because StructureTec was able to monitor all construction, there were few tasks to complete at the end of the project. Another testament to the quality of this project was the receipt of the warranties for the structure. Normally manufacturers would create a punch list to grant warranties, a process that can take up to a month. In this case the construction was so well executed that the warranties were received within a week of completion.


Without proper monitoring of construction StructureTec often finds poor workmanship, substandard roofing practices, and  sacrificing sustainability for aesthetics. Whirlpool knew that they wanted a high quality project that would provide sustainable operations in the years to come, so they utilized StructureTec’s FQC program. Upon completion of the project, the results were unmistakable. Whirlpool now has a world-class facility to house the largest premium appliance plant in the U.S.


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