> Used Multiple Crews of Tier 1

> Used Portland stabilization to cut

   costs and provide great strength

   and durability


> Evaluation

> Pavement Design Development

> Construction Management

> Field Quality Control

> Geolocation Material Testing



> Corporate

> Utility Provider


An industry-leading utility company contracted StructureTec to perform a detailed pavement condition assessment of over 50 sites spanning across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.


After conducting a comprehensive analysis, StructureTec found that several pavement areas presented deteriorating pavement conditions and was able to rank the severity of these conditions on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). StructureTec prioritized the parking lots in order of those requiring immediate replacement and presented a detailed report. With this information, StructureTec was able to also create a long-range program for capital and maintenance based on several priorities including: pavement type, traffic requirements, and corporate importance. Construction Management Services (CMS), a StructureTec Group subsidiary, stepped in to coordinate all projects at each location. StructureTec pavement engineers designed and bid the selected sites. CMS subcontracted with Tier 1 paving contractors as well as geotechnical material testing companies to perform the work. Each contractor was required to have strong safety practices and culture.


There were many issues at each location, including surface defects, degradation, cracking, patches, potholes, chipping, attachment deficiencies, ponding water, and drainage issues. While there were many common issues through the different locations, each site presented its own challenges.


During construction at one location, a water line burst under the work area. It was found that the water line had been supported incorrectly on a cinder block. CMS had a crew on-site to fix the issue immediately after the water line burst. They were able to fix the work within 4 hours and did not require a substantial shut down of operations.


At another site, there was little intrinsic slope for drainage which was causing large areas of ponding water. StructureTec installed a precision concrete swale to take full advantage of the minimal slope and provide positive drainage.


Portland cement was used to stabilize the base of several pavement areas, creating a stronger and more rigid base. This base reduces the stress on the subgrade and distributes the load evenly allowing for a longer life cross section at a lower cost than

traditional undercut repairs. This technique will keep rutting from occurring deep in the pavement where it is extremely difficult to repair, allowing for minimal maintenance in the future while helping reduce costs now.


Each year, CMS managed between ten and seventeen projects over three states. Coordination of each project included scheduling kick off and progress meetings and managing the financials, contractors, scope of work, and the client at each location.


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