> Correction of All Inefficient Specification Details, Ensuring Long-Term Building Performance

> Extensive Field Quality Control to Streamline Project Schedule and Minimize Disturbance


> Review of Specifications

> Support in Public Bid Process

> Field Quality Control

> Post-Construction Warranty Audit


> Institutional

> K-12 School


Rochester Community Schools boasts a tagline of “Pride in Excellence”. It should come as no surprise that when they set out to complete seven large construction projects in less than a year, they ensured the projects were nothing less than the highest quality for their students and staff. Given the complexity and time sensitivity of these projects, Rochester brought in StructureTec to help them deliver the maximum value for their community.


StructureTec’s team of experts reviewed each project’s specifications and collaborated with the necessary teams to improve areas of inefficiency and provided direction on missing details. As a public entity, Rochester Community Schools is required to publicly bid all of their contracted work. StructureTec aided the project team in developing thorough scope definitions and the qualification requirements to perform in order to obtain the best pricing form the most qualified contractors. Following the bid event, StructureTec’s team further vetted contractors to elevate strict quality performance and adherence to the sensitive project schedule.


In addition to a shortened project schedule, it was critical to minimize disruption to the students, faculty, and surrounding community. StructureTec monitored the work of all contracted teams through the full course of construction, which spanned over the winter months to ensure maximum quality and on time project delivery.


Students and staff returned to begin their school year in new, state of the art facilities. The commissioning provided by StructureTec corrected areas of concern before they affected the schools operation and became costly repairs. With the significant reduction in maintenance costs, Rochester Community Schools is able to direct their funds into furthering the success of their students.


Since the completion of the projects, StructureTec has added an additional layer of protection to the investment made by Rochester Community Schools by providing the Warranty Audit Progra. Within the first 12 and 24 months, StructureTec returns to complete a full evaluation of the buildings to find any indication of failed workmanship or materials. At the cost of the responsible contractor or manufacturer, StructureTec directs the full replacement or remediation of these areas based on the provisions of the contractor guarantee and/ or manufacturer warranty.


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