Facade Types include masonry, metal cladding, and EIFS

Project Delivery Methods

Design - Bid - Build

The Design-Bid-Build method is a traditional method that has been in use for 150 years. The owner holds separate contracts for each entity, i.e., consultant and contractor. This linear process is well understood and is suitable for many projects.


In this method StructureTec acts as the designer and high end project manager, providing the owner with an unbiased third party ensuring successful completion of the project.



Project Manager
Platinum Program Construction Project Management

Construction Management is a progressive, more "convenient" method of construction project administration. The Owner has only one direct contract, the Construction Manager. The Contractor becomes a subcontractor to the Construction Manager (Consultant). The Owner is not bothered by having to make every decision and may realize a time reduction in the completion of the job. Finally, the Owner’s accounts payable department only has to deal with one company.


  • Owner not bothered with having to make every decision
  • Owner’s accounts payable deals with only one company
  • Cost reduction through economies of scale
  • Owner could realize time reduction in completion of job
  • Increased quality control responsibility with the Consultant
  • Greater overall results can be achieved in managing programs
Construction Management Project Delivery
Premier Engineered Systems

StructureTec Group's Premier Engineered Projects is the ultimate project delivery solution for weatherproofing and structural projects. A truly “turn-key” approach providing the building owner with a dynamic single source. Premier Engineered Projects combines StructureTec‘s engineering and consulting with Construction Services Group’s roofing and restoration competencies.


Through StructureTec Group’s portfolio of high-end engineering and construction services, a total solution through a single entity can be realized saving the owner time and money while receiving the highest level of quality. This unique process allows the owner to achieve maximum return on investment.


Design Bid Build


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