5 Key Indicators That a Parking Structure Needs Maintenance

April 5, 2017

Parking structures are exposed to very aggressive environments throughout the duration of their service life. They endure dynamic vehicle loads, thermal cycle loading, weather, UV exposure, chemical exposure, and vandalism. Each of these factors can, and do, affect the long-term integrity and durability of these structures and their sub-systems. Because of the aggressive exposure conditions, it is important to perform regular maintenance in order to extend the service life and maintain a clean, functional presence. So how do you know when a parking structure needs maintenance?


Here are 5 key indicators:


1. Water Leakage

Four indicators that water leakage is occurring are exposed metals that are rusting, rust stains along the walls and ceilings, stalactites, and efflorescense.


2. Ponding Water

A drain installation or protective waterproof membrane may prevent future, larger problems


3. Expansion Joint Failure

Failed joint sealants allow water to penetrate and reach the reinforcing steel and T-to-T connector plates. Repairing joint sealants is much simpler and cheaper than resolving issues created by corroding reinforcing steel.


4. Delaminated, Spalled, Horizontally & Vertically Cracked Concrete

All of these issues can lead to structural damage because they allow water to reach the garage's reinforcing steel.


5. Exposed Rebar

If rebar can be seen, there is a problem that must be addressed. When rebar is exposed to water, it corrodes and expands to several times its original size.


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