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The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Victoria Garage was built in 1967 as a three level parking structure. In August of 1973, UPMC extended the original columns to support a six story school of nursing above. In 1982, an extra level of parking was added between the school of nursing and the original parking structure.


In 2008, StructureTec completed an evaluation of the exterior facade at Victoria Garage to identify deficiencies in the exterior brick, metal curtain wall, and weatherproofing.


After conducting an updated study in 2012, significant structural deficiencies were identified in the post tension floor slab system. Approximately 75% of the tendons exposed between levels two through four and 1/3 of the exposed tendons in the upper level were loose or broken, directly correlating to the concrete deterioration found on the floor slab and ceilings. StructureTec provided UPMC with several options and budgets for the restoration of the concrete parking slabs and the replacement of the post tensioning reinforcement.


This led to a multi-year phased program of restoration, beginning with the restoration of exterior facade and temporary shoring of those floor slab areas considered at risk of failure. Based on the need to maintain the garage operations over the long term, UPMC chose to remove and replace all of the failing post tension floor slabs.


In order to properly execute the restoration plan in budget and on schedule, StructureTec prepared the post tension design. MEP engineers assisted with the modifications to the electrical and plumbing systems, and an architectural firm was brought in to assist with the interior design requirements.


StructureTec also developed plans for an additional entry point in the garage. Due to the scope of restoration and building modifications, detailed plans were submitted to the City of Pittsburgh for approval. The plans included removal and replacement of floor slabs and post tension concrete construction, details of the new garage entry and modifications to bring the garage into compliance with ADA.


Since the University of Pittsburgh Nursing School was located directly above the parking structure and a BioMedical research facility and student housing were located directly adjacent to the garage, noise and vibrations were a concern. Prior to construction, noise and vibration specialists were engaged to establish baseline levels of noise and vibration for comparison to those generated during construction


Construction of Victoria Garage is slated to be complete in August of 2016. Once complete, the UPMC Victoria Garage will have a structure that can support the needs of the organization.


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