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Facilities Management Forum

Wednesday, September 13, 2017  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT

Join our team and other facility management professionals from the area at this Facilities Management Forum in Richardson. You'll learn how to manage your buildings to maximum effectiveness and realize upwards of 30% savings annually.

Richardson Civic Center • 411 West Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75093

Morning Session (Begins at 8:00 AM)

7 Steps to a Risk Free Project

From Design, Procurement to Construction Administration there are many things that need to be done to ensure that you and your organization are protected. In this session, a panel will discuss the 7 Steps to a Risk Free Project.


Pavement Management Program

We will give a brief technical overview of common pavement systems and will explain the critical design and usage criteria that will impact pavement longevity. We will then discuss how to develop a Pavement Management Program for multiple sites. In addition to reviewing different pavement technologies, we will also review pavement project management processes.


Afternoon Session (Begins at 1:00 PM)

What You Must Know Before Engaging In Your Roofing Projects

With over 300 types of roof systems and new products coming to market each year, how can you be sure you are making the best choice for your project? Should your roofs be replaced, recovered, restored, or repaired? In this session, we will discuss critical factors you must know before engaging in your roofing projects. In addition, we will look at several factors that are affecting the roofing industry in 2017 and the impact these will have on your projects.


The 5 Step Process for Getting Your Facility Budgets Approved

The most common challenge faced by facilities professionals is getting their annual budgets approved. During this presentation, we will review a five-step process to help create a defensible budget request.

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All Day Registration Includes:

  • Morning session & afternoon session
  • 2 key topics presented during each session by experts in the field
  • An interactive discussion with facility management professionals
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch

If you need assistance registering, please call 800.745.7832 x1115.


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