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Six Strategies to Ensure Your Project is Shovel Ready

December 13, 2017

1. Define the project

You can do this by performing regular condition assessments and preparing a list that is ranked based on a well-defined condition index. It is also helpful to have a risk index prepared.


2. Define the budget

Define your budgets based on recommendations and course of action. It is helpful to include unit pricing with estimates that are based on current average pricing information.


3. Get the specs ready to go

Allow time to develop the project manual. This can be a time consuming process, ensuring it is completed will give you a head start on getting your project completed.


4. Select the right team for the project

Selecting the right internal and external team is essential to completing a successful project. In selecting the correct external team, you should consider a designer and a contractor that have a solid technical understanding of the project, and have excellent team communications.


5. Choose a project delivery method

Between design/ bid/ build, design/ build, and construction management there are many different advantages and disadvantages. Have a method researched and chosen that will be the best fit for your project.


5. Have the financial impact ready for CFO review

Be prepared to show impact for prioritization, cost reduction and sustainability.


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